Empowering Women: Dr. Kiran Bedi, along with her India Vision Foundation, has partnered with SPEFL-SC to spearhead women’s empowerment through self-defense

Online Self Defense Training Launched by SPEFL-SC
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Inaugural Ceremony: A Milestone in Women’s Safety

India’s pressing need for a meticulously designed self-defense training program for women has found a formidable answer. In a groundbreaking move, the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC) is on the cusp of unveiling a nationwide self-defense initiative, accessible both in-person and virtually.


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A Visionary Launch: Kiran Bedi Leads the Way

The virtual launch, held at the FICCI Federation House on October 12, was presided over by none other than Kiran Bedi, India’s pioneering woman IPS Officer, former Lt. Governor of Puducherry, and the visionary founder of the India Vision Foundation. Accompanying her were notable figures: Jalaj Dani (President Emeritus, SPEFL-SC), Neeraj Jain (President, SPEFL-SC), Poonam Sharma (Vice-President, FICCI Ladies Organisation), Dr. Anubhuti Chauhan (President, Arunodaya Foundation), and Tahsin Zahid (CEO, SPEFL-SC).Equipping Women: A Holistic Approach to Self-Defense.

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 dignitaries Image

At the heart of this initiative lies the aspiration to equip women with practical techniques fostering physical fitness and mental agility, thus enabling them to navigate challenging situations with confidence. The Ministry of Skill Development has greenlit a comprehensive national curriculum, to be administered by certified trainers.

Beyond Martial Arts: A Unique Curriculum Anchored by SPEFL-SC

While conventional programs often focus on martial arts for self-defense, the pioneering national curriculum, anchored by SPEFL-SC, adopts a distinctive approach. It emphasizes situational awareness, effective communication, and, ultimately, the adept use of combat techniques followed by a swift exit. This combat training is meticulously crafted based on exhaustive research into the diverse scenarios a woman might encounter, and the corresponding array of responses at her disposal.

Nationwide Impact: 20,000+ Training Sessions and Counting

Endorsed by the Indian Government, these women-centric training programs took flight in 2021. Since then, they have conducted over 20,000 training sessions, facilitated by certified trainers that have left an indelible mark across the nation. From the northern expanse of Jammu and Kashmir to the southern reaches of Karnataka, these programs have traversed through states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh, impacting lives far and wide.

Poonam Sharma (Vice-President, FICCI Ladies Organisation): Championing Women’s Safety

Poonam Sharma, Vice-President of FICCI Ladies Organisation, rightly underscored the critical importance of engaging in activities and initiatives that bolster women’s safety. She advocated for a cautious and responsible approach to online activities, emphasizing the safeguarding of personal information and recognizing the potential risks associated with the digital realm. A secure woman, she stressed, wields the power to conquer the world, contributing significantly to the country’s progress through participation in the workforce and entrepreneurship.

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Tahsin Zahid (CEO, SPEFL-SC): Guiding Women Towards Empowerment

Tahsin Zahid, CEO of SPEFL-SC, emphasized the contemporary significance of self-defense, highlighting the indispensable need for proper guidance for those seeking to acquire this skill. He stressed that without it, navigating challenging situations can be exceptionally daunting. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to Kiran Bedi for her association with this initiative, acknowledging her as an inspiring figure and a leading advocate for women’s safety and self-defense.

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Kiran Bedi’s Vision: Making Self-Defense Integral to Education

In her closing remarks, Kiran Bedi articulated the importance of teaching defense as an integral aspect of the national education policy. She drew parallels between self-defense and yoga, advocating for its inclusion as a mandatory school program, alongside sports and yoga. She underlined the necessity of creating an ecosystem that empowers vulnerable women, emphasizing that a sense of freedom is paramount for the safety and well-being of women and girls.

A Brighter Future: Ushering in an Era of Empowerment

India’s pioneering national self-defense program, led by SPEFL-SC, marks a monumental step towards women’s empowerment and safety. By prioritizing situational awareness and effective dialogue alongside combat training, this program equips women with the tools they need to confidently face any challenge. With the support of the government and the vision of committed leaders like Kiran Bedi, India is poised to usher in a new era of women’s safety and empowerment.