A Shield of Confidence: SPEFL-SC Self-Defense Initiative in Kupwara (Jammu and Kashmir)

self defense training at kupwara

In a significant stride towards empowering young girls in Kupwara, SPEFL-SC (Sports, Physical Education, Fitness, and Leisure Skills Council) organized an event at Government Girls Higher Secondary School on October 25th. The event was dedicated to distributing self-defense kits to approximately 400 girls who had undergone intensive training as part of the self-defense program led by SPEFL-SC, sponsored by Indian Railways under (CSR) initiative.

Self defense kit distribution(Kupwara)

Kupwara Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ayushi Sudan was present as the chief guest. Principal of GHSS Kupwara Bashir Ahmed Shah and Lieutenant Colonel Sanjay Pawar along with dedicated trainers from the Skill Development Council are also present there. The event garnered substantial participation from the school faculty and a large contingent of enthusiastic students.

During the event, DC Ayushi Sudan personally distributed the self-defense kits among several girl students, emphasizing the importance of equipping young women with the skills and tools to protect themselves. She emphasized that self-defense training should be a fundamental right for every girl student, as it plays a vital role in fostering self-confidence and resilience. She commended the students for their fervent participation in the recent “Meri Suraksha, Meri Zimmedari” campaign, highlighting their commitment to personal safety.

Our trainers successfully trained 400 girls in self defense in just seven days of training. SPEFL-SC not only enhancing their physical abilities but also instilling in them a sense of self-confidence, which will help them throughout their life.

SPEFL-SC continues to be a guiding force for young individuals, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to confidently navigate the world. Through such initiatives, we are contributing to creating a more secure and empowered future for the girls of Kupwara.